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How To Preview a Web Page Before You Print It

Many times we want to print a particular Web page and then observe numerous unwanted pages coming out of our printer. Other times the text background appears so dark that you could barely read the text and wasted a lot of printer ink. One way to solve some of these problems is to use the print preview feature built into many programs before you print. This feature allows you preview the page that you are about to print. Therefore, this technical brief will show you how to preview a web page before you print it.


Previewing a Web Page Before You Print It

  1. Open up your Internet Browser as you normally do and load a webpage that you want to print.
  2. Then click on the word File, which is contained in your top tool bar area.
  3. This will pull down a menu for you to now click on Print Preview.
  4. On the Print Preview toolbar at the top of the screen, click on the Print button.
  5. You can now print all of the pages or only some of them by adjusting the Page range settings.
  6. Adjust any settings according to your preferences and then click on the Print button.
  7. Windows will automatically close the Print Preview windows and send your job to the printer.

Some Print Preview Toolbar Settings


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