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Windows Vista Enterprise Edition - General Overview

According to Microsoft, Windows Vista Enterprise was specifically designed to help global organizations and enterprises with complex IT infrastructures lower IT costs, reduce risk, and stay connected. Building on the features in Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise provides higher levels of data protection using hardware-based encryption technology. It also includes many useful tools to improve application compatibility and enables organizations to standardize by using a single worldwide deployment image.


Windows Vista Enterprise Edition Availability

Windows Vista Enterprise is available only to Volume License customers who have PCs covered by Microsoft Software Assurance. These customers are also eligible to acquire an optional subscription license for the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance. This software extends the value of Windows Vista Enterprise by reducing application deployment costs, enabling delivery of applications as services, and allowing for better management and control of enterprise desktop environments. Together these technologies deliver the most cost-effective and flexible Windows desktop management solution.

Data Protection

Windows Vista Enterprise includes Windows BitLocker™ Drive Encryption, a new technology which helps prevent sensitive data and intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands if a computer is lost or stolen. Windows BitLocker uses hardware-based data encryption technology that gives you greater peace of mind knowing that your corporate intellectual property is safer and will remain your strategic asset. Also, since the entire hard drive is encrypted, Windows BitLocker reduces the cost associated with decommissioning old PCs.

Application Compatibility

Windows Vista Enterprise includes built-in tools to improve application compatibility with previous versions of Microsoft operating systems, as well as with UNIX operating systems. It also provides the right to run four virtual operating system sessions, which enables you to run a legacy application in a virtual environment on top of Windows Vista Enterprise. This feature saves you time and money if you are unable to easily migrate a legacy application directly to Windows Vista.

Additionally, Windows Vista Enterprise includes Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA), which enables you to run UNIX applications unchanged on a Windows Vista Enterprise-based PC. Whereas today a UNIX database administrator or system administrator needs to have a UNIX workstation in addition to a Windows-based PC, Windows Vista Enterprise enables you to consolidate both functions into a single Windows Vista-based PC.

Windows Vista Enterprise customers that subscribe to the Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance have additional options for minimizing application compatibility challenges. This service can accelerate deployment with tools such as SoftGrid for application virtualization, which can reduce application-to-application conflicts, and with Asset Inventory Services, to help you more quickly compile information about applications running inside your organization.

Multi-Language Support

An interface language controls which language a user sees in the Windows Start menu, in the help system, in built-in management tools, and in Windows dialog boxes. Windows Vista Enterprise includes all available interface languages in one offering. Access to all worldwide Windows interface languages enables organizations to build a single deployment image that can be used worldwide and to deploy individual PCs that simultaneously offer different interface languages for different users..

Microsoft does not list a suggested retail price for Windows Vista Enterprise on their web site.

Windows Vista Enterprise is designed to meet the needs of large global organizations and those with highly complex IT infrastructures. If your organization has these requirements, Windows Vista Enterprise will help you lower your IT costs and will provide additional layers of protection for your sensitive data.


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