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How To Conserve Battery Power For Portables In Windows Vista

One of the main limitations of portable devices, especially computer notebooks, is battery life. Windows Vista includes power management support for portable computers. Depending on how you use your notebook, you may be able to prolong the battery life before the battery must be recharged or replaced.


To Conserve Battery Power For Portables In Windows Vista

  1. Connect your notebook to an electrical outlet when possible because battery life is largely determined by the number of times the battery is charged.
  2. Place your notebook in Sleep mode when you leave it unattended for an extended period of time. If you are not going to use your notebook for a period of days, shut it down completely.
  3. Select a power plan that appropriately balances the power used and the system performance.
  4. Use the power management settings to conserve power as part of your daily computer use.

Note: See your computer's Owner's Manual for additional information on conserving battery power.


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