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How To Properly Turn Your Windows Vista Computer On And Off

This technical brief describes how to Turn On and then Turn Off your computer system using the new Windows Vista menu layout. As a note, mobile users may actually prefer placing their computer into Sleep Mode to avoid waiting for the computer to completely shut down and reboot.


To Turn Your Windows Vista Computer On

Press the power button, usually located on the front of the computer, to turn on the computer.

After the computer is turned on, Windows Vista with perform a complete reboot. When the reboot process is complete, the Windows Vista desktop displays on your screen.

To Turn Your Windows Vista Computer Off

Turning off the computer requires shutting the computer completely down where it will then have to be rebooted in order to restart it. After the reboot, the Windows Vista desktop is displayed, but any previously opened applications and files are closed.

The Shut Down option is appropriate when you will not use the computer again for a significant period of time. If you need quick access to the computer again, you may prefer the Sleep option.

Note: To avoid losing data, one should turn off their computer according to the below instructions. Turning off your computer by pressing and holding the power button can result in data loss.

  1. Save and close any open files and exit any running applications.
  2. Click the Start button located in the lower-left corner of the Windows Vista desktop.
  3. Then click the arrow in the lower-right corner of the Start menu as shown below.

    Click On The Right Arrow To Access The Shut Down Option.


  4. Then click on Shut Down.
  5. Windows Vista will turn off your computer after the shutdown process completes.

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