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How To Check Your Computer's Performance In Windows XP

The Windows XP Task Manager gives us information about our computer's performance and displays details about Programs and Processes that are currently running. If your are connected to a network, you can also view the network status and see how your network is functioning. Therefore, this technical brief will introduce you to the Windows Task Manager and show you how to Check Your Computer's Performance.


Checking Your Computer's Performance In Windows XP

  1. To open the Windows Task Manager, right click on an empty area of the Taskbar.
  2. Then click on the word Task Manager within the menu screen that appears.
  3. The Windows Task Manager will open and default to the Performance area for you.
  4. Here you can see you CPU Usage, File Page Usage, History Information and Memory Usage etc.
  5. And you can also browse through the Applications, Processes, Networking and Users Tabs as well.
  6. So go ahead and browse around the Task Manager and discover all that this utility has to offer.

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