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How To Quickly Return Back To The Windows Desktop

Beginning with Windows 98, Microsoft added a Quick Launch Toolbar. This Quick Launch Toolbar was placed directly to the right of the Start Button and contained a few various icons to quickly launch Internet Explorer and Outlook Express etc. Then with the introduction of Windows 98 Second Edition, an icon was added to allow you to quickly return back to the Desktop. Therefore, this technical brief will show you how to quickly return to the Windows Desktop, thus minimizing all your currently open programs.


Quickly Return Back To The Windows Desktop

  1. Begin by locating the Quick Launch Toolbar that appears to the right of the Start Button.
  2. If the Quick Launch Toolbar is not available, then right click anywhere on your Taskbar.
  3. This will display a menu for you to position your mouse upon the word Toolbars.
  4. Then click your mouse on the Quick Launch option to enable the Quick Launch Toolbar.
  5. Now simply locate the Show Desktop icon within the Quick Launch Toolbar and click on it.
  6. Notice how all your Programs become minimizing and you are taken to the Windows Desktop.

For Windows 98 and Millennium, you can also right click on your Taskbar and select Minimize All Windows and for Windows XP, you can right click on your Taskbar and select the Show The Desktop option.

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