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How To Rename Multiple Files, Folders And Icons In Windows XP

Windows XP has a new built in feature that allows us to Rename multiple files all in one shot. This can be extremely useful if we download a lot of pictures from a digital camera to our hard drive. As you know, most digital cameras download their pictures with numerical files names according to when the pictures was taken. This is fine, but it really doesn't tell you that these pictures were taking at a celebration party for your friend. Therefore, this technical brief will show you how to Rename Multiple Files in Windows XP.


Renaming Multiple Files, Folders And Icons In Windows XP

  1. For demonstration purposes, we will Rename two files of your choosing.
  2. Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop until it opens.
  3. Then double click on your (C:) drive until it opens up for you.
  4. Now double click on any Yellow folder that contains files you wish to Rename until it opens.
  5. Now Hold down the Control Key (Ctrl) on your keyboard to set your mouse to select files.
  6. Then with your mouse, gently click on two files until they become highlighted for you.
  7. Now press the F2 key on your Keyboard and notice how you can edit one of the file names.
  8. Now type in a new name such as Reunion, while leaving the existing file extension in place.
  9. Now click your mouse anywhere on the Desktop to save your changes.
  10. Both your files with be renamed as follows: and Reunion (1).xxx etc.
  11. If you want to rename more files, just hold down the Ctrl key and select more files beforehand.
  12. And that's all there is too it and this will work for all your Folders and Icons as well.

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