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How To Rename The Windows Vista Recycle Bin

Windows Vista allocates a small portion of your hard drive to temporarily store your deleted items. It does so by placing them into the Recycle Bin located on your desktop. If you do not like the default Recycle Bin name, then here is how you can change the name to one that you like better.


To Rename The Windows Vista Recycle Bin

  1. On the desktop, right click directly on the Recycle Bin.
  2. Then click on Rename.
  3. Now type the new name that you would like to assign to the Recycle Bin.
  4. Then press the Enter key on your keyboard to apply the name change.
  5. Windows Vista will then change the name of the Recycle Bin based on your entry.

Note: The Recycle Bin uses two separate icons to represent two different appearances: one when it is empty and one when it has deleted items inside. These separate icons can be changed if you like.


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