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How To Prevent The Windows Vista Sidebar From Starting Up

By default, Windows Vista displays the Windows Sidebar and its gadgets when the operating system loads. If you find that you do not want or need the Sidebar to launch automatically when Windows Vista starts, then follow the steps below to prevent the Windows Sidebar from launching.


To Prevent The Windows Vista Sidebar From Starting Up

  1. Click the Start button located in the lower-left corner of the Windows Vista desktop.
  2. Then click on Control Panel.
  3. In the Control Panel, click on Appearance and Personalization.
  4. Then click on Windows Sidebar Properties.
  5. Now uncheck the Start Sidebar when Windows starts check box.
  6. Then click on OK to apply the settings.
  7. Windows Vista will then prevent the Windows Sidebar from appearing when Windows starts.

Note: If you want the Windows Sidebar to appear when Windows Vista starts up, just follow the above steps until you arrive at step number four, where you would check the box.


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