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How To Personalize Any Folder In Windows XP

Windows XP lets us not only customize the appearance of our icons but individual file folders as well. For instance, in the same manner that you can change the default user pictures at the Windows log on screen for multiple users, you can personalize your individual file folders by adding background colors and pictures. Therefore, this technical brief will help you customize the appearance of your file folders in Windows XP.


Personalizing Any Folder In Windows XP

  1. Double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop until it opens.
  2. Then double click on your (C:) drive until it opens up for you.
  3. Then navigate to a folder directory that you want to apply a background picture to.
  4. Right click on the folder and then click on Properties at the bottom of the menu that appears.
  5. Now click on Customize tab located at the top of the Properties window.
  6. Now click on the Choose Picture... button located in the center area of the window screen.
  7. Windows will look for pictures in the folder you are trying to customize which may not have any.
  8. Therefore, you will have to manually browse to a directory containing background pictures.
  9. Once located, highlight the background picture you want to use and click on the Open button.
  10. Then click on the OK button to save your changes and apply your background picture.
  11. When you view your folder listings in Thumbnail view, your new folder background will be displayed.
  12. To activate Thumbnail view, click the View Menu at the top of the screen and select Thumbnails.
  13. To restore the folder's default settings, follow the steps above and choose Restore Default.

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