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Web Site Optimization Tips

After spending a lot of time developing web sites for others, I didn't have much interest in Web Site Optimization to increase traffic until recently. Since then, I have discovered numerous ways to increase traffic and Page Rank using some simple and free methods available on the web. All you have to do is do them, be patient and enjoy the benefits of increased sales or revenue through free advertising methods.


Ten Optimization Tips To Increase Web Site Traffic

1. Post At Online Forums
2. Provide Free Content On Your Web Site
3. Submit Your URL To The Search Engines
4. Link Back HTML Code And Graphics
5. Link Exchange Page
6. Post To Blogs
7. Google Answers
8. Keyword Rich Web Pages
9. Keep Your Web Site Up-To-Date
10. Create An E-Mailing List

Post At Online Forums

Register a profile at online forums to start posting and replying to topics. Make sure you register with relevant forums, which contains similar information that aligns with the nature and purpose of your web site. Starting a new topic can be quite difficult if you do not know what to post and you do not want to come across as if you are advertising your web site on the forum. Therefore, replying to existing ones is probably best. You should also include your web site URL in your forum signature, otherwise this process is completely pointless. It is also a good idea to include relevant keywords in your forum signature such as Discount Web Hosting, which will increase your search engine position for this key phrase.

Provide Free Content

Visitors love free content! Make sure you have a download section of your own copyrighted material such as articles, tutorials or programs, which visitors can download and distribute on their own web site by providing a link back. This will increase traffic to your web site from the linker's site and will also increase your Google Page Ranking. If you are providing free programs make sure you have them listed on free download directories. There are many program directories out there, which will allow you to post download links to them for free of charge.

Submit Your URL To Search Engines

This one is obvious, but make sure it is listed! Submit your URL to each individual search engine once and only once at first. If you keep spamming them with your URL you could possibly be banned from the search engine. Keep returning to the search engine every week to see if it has been added. If it hasn't been added do be patient. I have found MSN is very good for publishing your web site link very quickly. Use the free web site submission service at, which contains a list of all the popular search engines you should be listed on, as well as providing a free submission service.

Link Back HTML Code And Graphics

Provide HTML code on your web site to make it easy for visitors to link to your web site. Also provide attractive logo graphics so visitors on other web sites are influenced to click on the links. A link back is usually encouraged by providing free content on your web site or a link exchange. This will increase the traffic to your web site and will also increase the Google Page Ranking of your web site.

Link Exchange Page

A lot of free submission directories require a link-back from your web site. Create a links page on your web site and place their link on your site before submitting your link to their site. The webmaster will usually check your web site first to see if their link exists before placing your link within the directory. Link-backs are not as good as one-way links for page ranking, but it's definitely worth doing to increase traffic to your site. Submitting your link to a high page rank web page will help dramatically.

Post To Blogs

Post to online blogs and make sure any comments submitted contain your web site link and some relevant keywords to the nature of your web site. The more links Google finds regarding your web site on the Internet the more popular Google thinks your web site is! Therefore, more links is better!

Google Answers

Again this is similar to posting to forums and online blogs. Post relevant and quality suggestions on Google Answers and make sure you provide a link to your web site if it is relevant. If your web site URL is contained within Google Answers, the higher your web site will appear in search results. One word of caution is be sure not abuse the service!

Keyword Rich Web Pages

Make sure your web pages are keyword rich! Search engines love finding good and quality textual content which it can index. If you are trying to sell mobile phones on your web site, make sure you web pages contain "cheap mobile phones", "affordable mobile phones", "cheapest mobile phones" etc. Do NOT create a keyword list as search engines are clever and will ignore these or possibly even BAN your web site from the search engine. Create relevant paragraphed text, which makes perfect English sense and contains the keywords. The more times your keywords appear, the better!

Keep Your Web Site Up-To-Date

Regularly update your web site with new content. Search engines love to find new content, which is good quality. The more times you update your web site throughout the month the better. If the search engines know you are updating your web site on a regular basis, then your web site will get a better rank than those which aren't. Usually a web content management system is best for updating your web site, as this can be done from any computer with Internet access.

Create An E-Mailing List

Provide an area on your web site where visitors can subscribe to your mailing list and keep this mailing list secure from hackers and spammers. Create a frequently posted newsletter with good content as this will encourage visitors to click on links to your web site. This is probably the best method to get returning visitors to your site where you can even earn money through advertising in your newsletter.

Be patient with your Page Rank as when you create a new web site it will probably stay at 0 for the first 4 months, and then later it may increase dramatically all of a sudden. Google probably checks all new sites in it's index before increasing the Page Rank, but don't take my word for that!

If you are creating a new web site give it a good name which people WILL remember. Register a domain name which isn't too long and buy good quality web hosting which IS reliable. If the search engines find that your web site is constantly down, then your site will probably be removed.


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