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How To Open Any Directory Using The Run Command

You can use the Windows Run Command if you are tired of always having to click on the Start button to navigate through the Programs folder to launch your programs etc. You can also use the Run Command to launch Windows Explorer and have it open a specific Directory for you. Therefore, this technical brief will show you how to use the Windows Run Command to launch a specific Directory within Windows Explorer.


Opening Any Directory Using The Run Command

  1. Begin by first clicking on the Start Button.
  2. Then click on the Run Icon, which will open up the Run Menu for you.
  3. Locate the white area of the screen next to the word Open: in the Run Menu.
  4. Now type in the name of the Directory that you want to launch such as C:\Windows
  5. Then click on the OK button at the bottom of the screen after your input has been made.
  6. Windows Explorer will now display the C:\Windows directory and all of its contents.

Note: This Technical Brief Will Work For All Operating Systems Including Windows XP.


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