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How To Increase The Size And Settings Of The MS-DOS Window

If you run MS-DOS applications or access the Command Prompt within a MS-DOS box window, there is a way to increase the default small window size to display more content. Therefore, this technical brief will help you create a larger and scrollable MS-DOS window box so you can easily see and access more text.


Increasing The Size And Settings Of The MS-DOS Window

  1. Begin by first clicking on the Start Button.
  2. Then click on the Run Icon, which will open up the Run Menu for you.
  3. Locate the white area of the screen next to the word Open: in the Run Menu.
  4. For Windows 98 and Windows ME, type the word Command. For Windows XP, type the word CMD.
  5. When you click on the OK button, Windows will launch the MS-DOS prompt window.
  6. Right click on the Title Bar and then select Properties at the bottom of the menu that appears.
  7. Then click on the Layout Tab located at the top of the properties screen.
  8. Now locate the Screen Buffer Size area and change the Width and Height parameters accordingly.
  9. For example if you increase the Width size, a scroll bar appears allowing you to scroll to the right.
  10. You can also increase the MS-DOS Window size itself by increasing the Width and Height settings.
  11. When you have finished adjusting your settings, click on the OK button to save your changes.
  12. You'll be asked to apply them to the current window or to all future windows with the same title.
  13. Make your selection and then click on the OK button to exit the Apply Properties window.

Note: This Technical Brief Will Work For All Operating Systems Including Windows XP.


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