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Some Basic HTML Tags And Their Meaning

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Tags are basically instructions used in a Web Page document that instruct all web browsers to perform certain actions with the text and/or graphics. For example, Tags can be used to change the font size and tags can be used to embed (fix or set securely) images into a web page. These Tags are the words or phrases surrounded by the less than (<) and greater than (>) symbols.


HTML Tags And Their Meaning

There are basically three types of tags:
  1. Tags that only require one element such as the <HR> line break.
  2. Tags that require an Opening and Closing tag such as <H1></H1> where the closing tag contains is preceded with a forward slash (/).
  3. Comments within the HTML source code are not displayed by the browser and must use the following format: <!-- comment -->

Document Setup:

<HTML>...</HTML> - Designates the file is an HTML document.
<HEAD>...</HEAD> - HTML Header.
<TITLE>...</TITLE> - Document Title (placed within the header).
<BODY>...</BODY> - HTML Body (main document contents)


Text Sizes:

<H1>...</H1> - Headline 1

<H2>...</H2> - Headline 2

<H3>...</H3> - Headline 3

<H4>...</H4> - Headline 4

<H5>...</H5> - Headline 5
<H6>...</H6> - Headline 6

Additional Text Sizes:

<font size=6>...</font> - Font Size 6

<font size=5>...</font> - Font Size 5

<font size=4>...</font> - Font Size 4

<font size=3>...</font> - Font Size 3

<font size=2>...</font> - Font Size 2

<font size=1>...</font> - Font Size 1


Text Styles:

<STRONG>...</STRONG> - Strong text (STRONG is preferred)
<B>...</B> - Bold text

<EM>...</EM> - Emphasized text (EM is preferred)
<I>...</I> - Italicized text
<CENTER>...</CENTER> - Centered Text
<P ALIGN="CENTER">The ALIGN parameter also centers the text.</P>

<CODE>...</CODE> - Code text is in a monospaced font.

<BLOCKQUOTE>...</BLOCKQUOTE> - The entire text surrounded by the tag is indented. Nesting quotes will nest the indent.



<A>...</A> - Anchor or Link

<IMG> - Graphic Image/Clickable Map
Image Example: <IMG SRC="new.gif" ALT="New!"> New!



<BR> - Line Break
<P>...</P> - Paragraph
<HR> - Horizontal Rule (Line)
<OL>...</OL> - Ordered List
  1. Apples
  2. Oranges
  3. Kiwi
<UL>...</UL> - Unordered List
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Kiwi

<LI>...</LI> - List Item - Use this with the Ordered and Unordered lists



&lt; - less than symbol (<)
&gt; - greater than symbol (>)
&copy; - copyright symbol (©)
&trade; - trademark symbol (™)
&amp; - ampersand symbol (&)
&quot; - double quotes (")

You Can Also View The Web Page Color Code Chart By Reading: 216 Color Browser Safe Palette


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