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Emoticon And Their Meaning

On the Internet especially in e-mail, chatting, and forum message groups, an Emoticon (sometimes referred to as a "Smiley") is a short sequence of keyboard letters and symbols, usually emulating a facial expression, expressing a feeling that supplements the message. Often a smile is represented with a basic smiley :-). The colon represents the eyes, the hyphen is for the nose, and the parenthesis for the mouth. Therefore, I thought that I would write a technical brief listing the most commonly used ones for you.



:-)  Smile

;-)  Smile with a wink

:<})  User with mustache, smiling

:-||  Mad

:-(  Sad

:' -(  Crying

:~  Also crying

:-))  Really happy

:-D  Big grin

:-*  A kiss

:-P~  A lick

:-o  Wow! or I'm surprised

:-|  Grim

:-P  Sticking out your tongue

:-  User happens to be Popeye

:-/  Perplexed

=:O  Frightened (hair standing on end)

=8O  Bug-eyed with fright

:-}  Embarrassed smile

:-)<>>>>>  Basic Smiley with a necktie

;-^)  Tongue in cheek

%*@:-(  Hung over

:-~~~  Drooling

>:)  Perplexed look

.)  Keeping an eye out for you

8:-)  Glasses on forehead

8:[  Normal smiling face of a gorilla

0:-)  Angel

]:-|[  Robot

(:V)  Duck

3:-o  Cow

:-]  Vampire

(_8-(|)  Homer Simpson

C|:-=  Charlie Chaplin

=|:-)=  Abe Lincoln

*<:-)  Santa Claus

-:-)  User sports a Mohawk and admires Mr. T

(:)-)  Scuba diver

:-'|  User has a cold

:-{}  User with heavy lipstick

:-)8  User is well dressed

>:-<  Mad

*#:-)  Scotsman wearing his Scottish tam

%-^  User is another Picasso

#-)  User partied all night

<:I  Dunce

:-|  "Have an ordinary day!" Smiley

:}{:  Kisses (stolen from June bug)

oooo(0) (0)oooo  Toes

(-_-)  Secret smile

#.-o  "Oh, nooooooo Mr. Bill!!!"

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