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Software Download Page

As there are literally hundreds of free software programs available on the Web, which ones do we really need that are totally safe to download? As our long standing policy is to provide you with factual information on maintaining a smooth running computer, below are many applications you will find useful.


Free Computer Software Downloads
  • Adobe AcrobatAdobe Adobe Reader Lets You View, Print And Search Portable Document Format Files!
  • Adobe Flash PlayerAdobe Flash Player sets the standard for delivering high-impact, rich Web Content!
  • Adobe Shockwave PlayerAdobe Shockwave Player lets you enjoy high performance multimedia created content!
  • Avast! Home EditionAvast! Anti-Virus Home Edition is totally Free for Home Users and Non-Commercial Usage!
  • AVG Anti-VirusAVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is a well known Protection Tool With Automatic Updates!
  • CCleanerThe CCleaner is a free program that cleans away all of your unused and temporary files!
  • DivXThe DivX for Windows download includes: DivX Player, DivX Codec & DivX Web Player!
  • EditPad LiteEditPad Lite Edition is a general purpose text editor that works with all Windows versions!
  • Eudora E-MailEudora E-Mail Client offers POP3, IMAP and HTML Support, Spell Check and Spam Filter!
  • Firefox BrowserFirefox Web Browser Has Many Features To Make the Online Experience More Productive!
  • Google ChromeGoogle Chrome Is An Internet Browser That Makes The Web Faster, Safer And Easier!
  • Lavasoft Ad-AwareLavasoft Ad-Aware delivers highly advanced technology to fight against Privacy Threats!
  • Netscape BrowserNetscape Browser ends the clutter as it can open multiple web pages in a single window!
  • Norton Security ScanNorton Security Scan Will Help Evaluate Your Computer's Vulnerability To Security Risks!
  • OpenOfficeWith The OpenOffice Suite, You Can Create Documents, Spreadsheets, & Presentations!
  • Opera BrowserOpera Browser offers BitTorrent support, Desktop Widgets and also Tabbed Browsing!
  • QuickTime PlayerThe QuickTime Player truly delivers startling audio and video quality and is easy to use!
  • Real PlayerThe Real Player Lets You Download Music, Burn CDs And Even Watch A Live Ball Game!
  • SkypeSkype Software Lets You Use Your Computer To Talk To Anyone, Anywhere In The World!
  • SmartFTPThe SmartFTP client lets you transfer files between your Computer and any Webserver!
  • SpybotSpybot Search & Destroy can detect and remove all Adware files from your Computer!
  • Spyware DoctorThe Spyware Doctor Is Used By Millions To Protect Their Identity And System Security!
  • Thunderbird E-MailThunderbird E-Mail Client helps you manage your inbox with advanced security features!
  • uTorrentuTorrent Client is a powerful and efficient low resource BitTorrent client for Windows!
  • WinampWinamp Media Player has a powerful library and includes CD Ripping and Burning support!
  • Windows DefenderWindows Defender protects your computer from Pop-ups and Spyware security threats!
  • WinRARWinRAR File Archiver can open and compress various archive files such as Rar, Lha & Zip!
  • WinZipWinZip File Archiver is the original and most popular of all Windows Zip file utilities!
  • WS_FTP LEWS_FTP LE Client is a file transfer utility to send files between your PC to a FTP Server!
  • ZoneAlarm FirewallZoneAlarm Firewall program is one of the most effective personal firewalls for the PC!


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