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How To Configure Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Windows Vista not only allows us to add small programs, called gadgets, to the Windows Sidebar and Desktop, but also allows us to configure their options. You will find that most gadgets can be tweaked to better suit our needs. Follow the steps below to see how to configure thses Sidebar gadgets.


To Configure A Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget

  1. Right-click directly on the gadget you wish to configure.
  2. Then click on Options.
  3. A configuration dialog should appear for you to change some of the gadget's settings.
  4. For example, the included clock gadget lets you choose between eight different clock faces.
  5. Depending on the gadget, you may have to click a Yes or OK button to save your changes.
  6. Windows Vista will then apply your configuration changes to that gadget.

Note: Some gadgets may not have options. One way to tell is to move your mouse over the top right corner of the gadget. You should see three icons, where the middle icon is used for options.


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