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How To Change The Windows Source Path

When Windows is initially installed on your computer, it keeps a record of the installation location in the registry. Whether it was installed from your CD Rom Drive or from a network server directory, Windows will note the exact installation path. This way if you add a new component such as a new printer, Windows will know where to go to retrieve its system files. But if your network changes or changes are made to your system by adding an additional hard drive etc., Windows won't have a clue as to where to retrieve its source files. Therefore, this technical brief will show you how to modify the source path to your choosing.


Changing The Windows Source Path

  1. Begin by first clicking on the Start Button.
  2. Then click on the Run icon, which will open up the Run Menu for you.
  3. Type the word Regedit in the white area then click on the OK button.
  4. Click on the plus sign [+] next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to expand that section.
  5. Then click on the plus sign [+] next to Software to expand that section.
  6. Then click on the plus sign [+] next to Microsoft to expand that section.
  7. Then click on the plus sign [+] next to Windows to expand that section.
  8. Then click on the plus sign [+] next to CurrentVersion to expand that section.
  9. Then click on the plus sign [+] next to Setup to expand that section.
  10. In the right side of the screen, Double Click on the word SourcePath.
  11. In the Value data: box, type in the correct Source path and click on the OK button.
  12. Now close the Registry by clicking on the X box located at the top right corner of the screen.
  13. You now have successfully change the Source path for your operating system.

Note: This Technical Brief Will Work For All Operating Systems Including Windows XP.


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