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How To View The Windows Boot-Up Process

Since the evolution of Windows 95 up through Windows Millennium, your Operating System will display the System Logo Screen during the initial boot-up process. But this System Logo Screen actually prevents you from viewing the entire boot-up process and can actually be a hindrance if you are trying to troubleshoot boot-up errors. So if you want to view your system's boot-up process, then follow the below procedure.


Viewing The Windows Boot-Up Process

  1. Begin by either Restarting your computer or by turning your system on from scratch.
  2. And as soon as you see the Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows Millennium System Logo Screen, Simply press the ESC key on your keyboard.
  3. This will allow you to see the entire Boot-Up process and assist you in tracing Boot-Up errors.

Note: This Tip Will Not Work For Windows XP As The Start Up Screen Remains Constant During Boot Up.


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