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How To Quickly Add Items To The Start Menu

When you install a program on your computer, you often see a Program shortcut for it appearing on your Desktop. This is true for America Online, Quickbooks and Adobe Reader etc. But your Desktop can become quite cluttered and can even lower Windows resources if you store too many program shortcuts. Therefore, this technical brief will show you how to quickly add all of your important Program icons to the very top of Start Menu and also show you how to remove them from your Desktop once they are in place.


Quickly Adding Items To The Start Menu

  1. Begin by Minimizing all your programs until only your Desktop is showing.
  2. Then click your mouse on a Program icon and continue holding your left mouse button down.
  3. Now Drag the Program icon directly onto your Start Button and release your left mouse button.
  4. The Program icon will be instantly added to the very top of your Start Menu for quicker access.
  5. Continue as above for any additional Icons that you want to add to the Start Menu.
  6. Then go back to your Desktop and click upon each icon one by one until it becomes highlighted.
  7. Then press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove that Program icon from your Desktop.

Note: This Technical Brief Will Work For All Operating Systems Including Windows XP.

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