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How To Add Gadgets To The Windows Vista Desktop

Windows Vista not only allows us to add small programs, called gadgets, to the Windows Sidebar, but also allows us to drag any gadget we want from the Sidebar to any area on the Desktop. Follow the steps below to learn how to move gadgets to the Windows Desktop from the Windows Sidebar.


To Add A Gadget To The Windows Vista Desktop

  1. Right-click directly on the gadget that you want to move and place on the Desktop.
  2. Then click on Detach from Sidebar.
  3. Now use your mouse to drag the gadget to any location you want on the Desktop.
  4. Windows Vista will then add that gadget to that position on the Windows Desktop.

Note: To move a gadget back to Sidebar, right-click the gadget, and then click Attach to Sidebar. Sidebar gadgets are fixed in size, while gadgets may resize themselves when moved to the desktop.


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