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Ad Serving - Definition

In the Google AdWords program, Ad Serving is how often active ads within an ad group show in relation to one another. You can have one of the following two ad serving settings in your ad group: Optimize (default): Optimized ad serving favors ads with higher historic clickthrough rates (CTRs) and Quality Scores. These favored ads enter the ad auction more often than other ads within the ad group. Then, the system will consider the ad's Quality Score and cost-per-click (CPC) bid before ranking the ad on a given page. Rotate: Rotated ad serving delivers ads more evenly and will not favor ads with higher CTRs when entering ads into the ad auction. All ads within the ad group will enter the auction an equal number of times. All ads within the ad group will enter the auction an equal number of times. Next, the system evaluates the ad's Quality Score and CPC bid when ranking the ad. All ads within the ad group are likely to gain the same number of impressions, reflected by similar ad served percentages. Note: Ads with higher Quality Scores are likely to show more often than other ads. Although they enter the auction the same number of times as other ads in the ad group, these higher quality ads may gain more impressions due to a higher placement on the page, and result in uneven ad served percentages between ads in an ad group.


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